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House of Communication

Serviceplan NY

Creative Communication

The basis of our exceptional creative services is our innovative and networked way of thinking and working. This is how the overall concept of innovative campaigns is created. Serviceplan agencies manage the creative process and all interdisciplinary services from their respective core disciplines. Serviceplan is ranked as one of the top creative agencies worldwide.

MODCO Mediaplus

Media & Data

MODCO Media is one of the longest standing independent media agencies in NYC with over 30 years of experience. As the agency that “speaks creative,” MODCO specializes in building business relevant solutions as a team – client, creative, and media – by combining data driven decision making with media expertise, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of the landscape.  

The output? Media that’s thoughtful, not an afterthought.


Digitalisation & Technology

Plan.Net is the Serviceplan Group’s digital communications specialist brand. It is one of the largest digital agencies in Europe and is focused on technology and platform management. More than 1,000 employees at over 25 locations worldwide develop and deliver relevant customer experiences enabling seamless digital customer journeys across all channels.


Marketing Asset Development

In 2016 Serviceplan Group established Serviceplan Solutions, who had been existing as an agency since 2012, as an own independent holding. Part of the performance portfolio of Serviceplan Solutions is the adaptable and trans-creative implementation of communication measures, together with cloud based tools for the in-house developed product "Intelligent Marketing Services" that guarantees efficiency maximising. The promise of the Solutions brand is "Reducing Complexity".

RED BOX 1st place Creation 2019
Horizont 2nd place Creation 2010 - 2019
London International Awards Independent Agency of the Year 2019
Cresta Independent Network of the Year 2019
New York Festivals Advertising Awards Independent Agency of the Year 2019