Support for the Young Ones - New York One Club Creative Week 2019

2019 Young Ones Students Award
2019 Young Ones Students Award

Serviceplan supports the Young Ones

Support of the Arts - the Young Ones Competition Student Awards showed impressive skills of the future of Advertising around the world.

New York, 7 May 2019 — Serviceplan New York, as every Serviceplan House of communication around the globe, invests heavily in talent and aims towards equal career chances for everyone.

This is why we are a proud partner of the Young Ones, a dedicated organisation to bring out the best in young creatives to become one of the One Club one day, a tip notch pool of creatives in new York and beyond. In the latest Students Award Show in New York in May 2019, the impressive work of young talents around the globe was presented and celebrated the Newcomers of our industry.

We have been creating the outbound campaigns for the Young Ones for many years and are looking forward to doing this for many more years to come. Here is a piece of the 2018/2019 work and you will admit there is a lot in the head of our future creative leaders.


Lee Sharrock

Global Communications Officer

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